Gloria Jean's Coffee Now Serving at Dolmen Mall Clifton

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Gloria Jean's Coffee Now Serving at Dolmen Mall Clifton

On the 19th of May, Food Connection Pakistan organized a blogger’s meet up for Gloria Jeans Coffees at the Dolmen Mall Clifton, Just before the official official Launch for public. The bloggers included were Saira Khalid , Tehinyat Aftab , Zunaira Zafar , Waqas Ather Saeed , Hani Taha , Natasha Khalid and Marhaba Mujahid.
Gloria Jeans Coffees (Dolmen Mall, Clifton) offerseasy-going atmosphere where one can enjoy a daily newspaper while indulging themselves with a great cappuccino or a slice of rich cake. Gloria Jeans Coffees popular for its breakfasts to its cakes, wraps to of course its coffee seems to promise a cafe with a wonderful view of the Arabian Sea along with an airy and comfortable ambiance.
Azfer Ashray Business DirectorGloria Jeans Coffee Karachi Sharing his Vision and thoughts.
True caffeine lovers will enjoy this new locationwith its blend of coffees made with some of the finest beans in the world. Through a religious dedication to the art of preparing coffee, the owners promise it will be your best cup of coffee yet !
After a quick food tasting session the bloggers gave their expert feedback.
Hani Taha: I think this going to be a great place to hang out, because of the view. It’s the only place that gives you outdoor facing the sea.
Mahraba Mujahid : The expectations are very high and there is a lot of competition, so far the place has woed us by its ambience, lets hope the food would also match up the mark.
Natasha Khalid: I like the whole concept of their menu card, the way they have it in the form of a newspaper. Which will go with the whole concept of breakfast, and the interior is amazing and comfy, the food is average, but amongst their coffee’s there is latte which was superb, something I would come back for again
Zunaira Zafar: overall I like the place, the ambiance and the view. I really liked the chicken piquante and I absolutely loved the smokey flavor but over all the food was not upto my expectations but. Coffee was nice. I loved very vanilla chiller amongst the drinks, mixed berry chileer was too sweet for my taste. Over all a nice experience but definitely room for improvement.
Azfar Ashray Along with Media personals , Friends & Family at the Launch.
Tehniat Aftab:Amongst the many other Cafes sprouting up, I think Gloria Jeans is different and exceptional because of it’s ambiance and the great view of the sea. Expecting the food to be as grand as the place, I was a wee bit disappointed, but all in all the food was good. Fillet mignion was perfectly cooked and had the right amount of pepper in it; chicken piquant on the other hand was a bit sweet, but well cooked as well. The burgers were a bit dry, the patty not as succulent as it should have been. The ambiance is great, but it’s the food as well people would come here for so they need to raise the bar a bit. Otherwise, a good place, spacious and the perfect image of a lounge.
From Left to Right: Waqas Ather Saeed, Bilal Saeed, Tehniat Aftab, Zunaira Zafar, Hani Taha, Sairah Khalid, Natasha Khalid, Marhaba Mujahid.
Sairah Khalid: Gloria Jean’s Coffees has captured THE prime location at Karachi’s coastal landscape. A casual, cosy and lively ambience is what will keep the crowds thronging.
Waqas Ather Saeed: Gloria’s dolmen mall outlet is the only place in Karachi where you can have an early morning coffee/breakfast in an exquisite lounge setting with a breath taking view of the sea. Also while you’re there, do try their Mixed Berry Smoothie. Pretty good !
The Launch happened later in the evening with celebrities and different VIP pouring in. The café was appreciated by all and it is anticipated that Gloria Jeans Coffees would do fabulously well as it has done in its previous years.
Photography by Ali K Ahmed.??

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