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​Chinese cuisine, rich and colourful, has, as its main features diversified colour, aromatic flavour, and an excellent taste. With these three characteristics, it is not only tasty but also a work of art for people to appreciate, and that is exactly what GINSOY is giving you since the past year.The restaurant being highly popular has been on everybody’s tongue and the talk of the town since its opening last year. This extreme Chinese eatery is one place which is not only jam packed, but you have to wait in line before you actually got the chance to indulge in all that delicious Chinese food. But not anymore, because GINSOY- EXTENSION is now open to solve that only problem the fans were facing.
GINSOY- EXTENSION, opened its doors on the 22nd of February this year, on Shahbaz Commercial, i.e.the same lane where the original GINSOY is located. When asked Mr. Hassan Baweja, the question why? His only answer was that, spending fifteen hours every day at the restaurant was the reason why GINSOY is on top of everyone’s lists; hence with the two different locations it wouldn’t have been the same for him and the customer walking in. This has everything what the original GINSOY has, the menu, the ambiance, service and most importantly those generous portions of the yummiest Chinese food in town.
You don’t have to queue up for long anymore because if one of the restaurants is full the other ones right next door to fill you in. With utmost dedication to his restaurant, Mr. Baweja mentioned that whoever he met spoke to him only about expanding and he ventured in to this within one year and a couple of days because the level of demand kept on getting higher and higher.When asked whether he will be able to manage two kitchens and still maintain that taste that people come running for and so Mr. Baweja mentioned that to make real Chinese dishes, none of the three characteristics - colour, aroma and delicious taste should be excluded, and that is what GINSOY’s focus has been since day one.
It’s true that when to look at their menu, there is any and everything for any and everyone. From the crispy fried appetisers to steamed dumplings and wontons. Chicken, beef, fish, prawn, crab or lobster, you mention it and they have it all. Like Mr. Baweja mentioned, from the aroma to the taste and the presentation the dish has to feel and look like you just want to dig in the next second. Dishes with diversified colour can usually greatly arouse people's appetite. To have a bright, pleased and harmonious colour is one of the main principles when cooking and presenting dishes. Thus, it is not only the taste of the dishes that makes you amazed but also its aesthetic value.
The reason for GINSOY’s marvellous success is solely because of the commitment towards serving the best.Delicious hot and piping dishes with different tastes and flavours cooked in different ways are served. Together with the diversified colours of the dishes, everyone can't help marvelling and savouring at the rich Chinese flavours (sweet, sour, bitter, hot and salty)that GINSOY has to offer. Hopefully GINSOY-EXTENSION will keep that up and do just that.
Here’s to Karachi food lovers, the GINSOY team, their success and the fans and to every Chinese food lover out there, there is only one thing I would say:
Mr. Hassan Baweja Owner of Ginsoy

Ginsoy – Extreme Chinese Extension | Karachi 2013

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Ginsoy – Extreme Chinese Extension | Karachi 2013

Many milestones in projects are achieved by determination and perseverance and playing “Eye of the Tiger” in the background or when you have a passion for stirring up the entire Karachi and beyond with Extreme Chinese. Yes intelligent readers you have guessed it right! Ginsoy - Extreme Chinese is here with a bang! Nobody can do justice in words of how delicious the cuisine is. The variety has been added on to, so that you never run out of new things to try.
Even though Walk – in’s had to to wait in order to dine in, they still didn't give up the idea to indulge into Extreme Chinese. Reservations used to be taken, much in advanced, leaving a scanty amount of customers relying either on the take away facility tedious waiting. Hassan Baweja – The owner of Ginsoy initiated a step forward for all Ginsoy lovers, to entertain all its fans willing to taste their expertise.
He possesses a positive approach towards the over whelming response of Ginsoy’s customers and wants to please everyone who is willing to experience Extreme Chinese with DINING IN, being the core concept! So he came aboard with a zeal for Ginsoy to be an extremist in case of Customer Satisfaction!
This is one feature which has been much awaited for, by the Ginsoy-enthusiasts and well the wait is over. The Extension would be opening soon on Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, adjacent to where it already was serving before. Now divinity of the same mouth-watering, spice-infused Chinese food we all love, is into everyone's access!

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