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On the night of 23rd November team FCPK was invited to the launch of yet anotherup scale restaurant opening up in Karachi named Forty 4. However, from the very first sight, it proved itself as a jewel addition to the hospitality fraternity of Karachi. Uniquely tucked away in the posh area of Tauheed Commercial which is now evidently turning into a hub of Fine Dining restaurants, Forty4 holds a high promise.
Forty 4, is a fresh-concept by their parent company, Lazeez group. Lazeez group has already made its mark strong in Islamabad’s Hospitality market, by being the driving force behind success stories of their 4 established restaurants and a patisserie.
The architecture of the building is well thought out as per the concept. With subtle divisions allowing the place to be utilized in sections or as one full space, the place definitely oozes a unique appeal. The overall interior design presents a fusion of the same Chinese and Oriental setting as found in the items on the menu, rendering the décor as complimenting as one could imagine. Depth comes from the amount of detailing and Forty4 seems to have left no stones unturned when it comes to it; be it the architectural setting to the minute detailing on the flowery centre tables. Numeral association with names have always had the impact of being appealing for some reason, hence the name Forty4 exudes the same aura and feeling. However, the restaurant draws its inspiration from place where it’s located and in certain myths, it is also termed as a lucky number.​
According to Samina K Bilgrami (Business Owner,Lazeez Group) “Forty 4 is Fresh, Modern and this can be seen in our architecture and our food, which is made-to-order fresh Pan Oriental Fusion cuisine. As evident from the name, we don’t want to call Forty4 a café or a Restaurant. We prefer to call it a ‘Venue’. Along with the restaurant, we have separate sections which can be booked for private parties, events for socializing, business get together or maybe as informal as a screening of a game or a match. The Management, along with the team, has spent endless hours in order to develop Forty4 and we hope our customers love it”.​
In this picture: Samina K Bilgrami Business Owner Cafe Lazeez Group.
In this picture: Ayesha Tammy Haq.
In this picture:Imran Momina [ a.k.a Immu] and Nabila Maqsood.
According to Nauman, CEO at Food Connection Pakistan “Forty 4 is stylishly spacious and inviting… Just analyzing the architecture on its own, I believe that Forty 4 is built for success and it will serve as an accolade to the food scene of Karachi market. However, we are enthusiastically waiting how it fares out in terms of standard and consistency once the operations initiate on a regular day-to-day basis.”
The event had some 500 invitees, with an occasional appearance by pertinent media celebrities including Ayesha Tammy Haq, Imran Momina [ a.k.a Immu] and Nabila Maqsood to name a few. The event seemed very organized with waiters aptly serving fresh rounds of Pina Colada and Margherita on the floor; whereas the appetizers tried best to enticingly showcase the kind of food one would look forward to after the launch. List of appetizers included scrumptious vegetable Rolls, Bite size Tiramisu ,Vanilla Parfe, Black and Crispy Beef, Dimsum, Chicken Perchik, Mushroom Bruschetta and sesame Rice Cakes.
Looking around, we could see everyone was having a good time enjoying the lovely décor while socializing. We took the liberty to gather some candid remarks from the invitees as well and it seems Forty4 is aimed with high expectations which it has the full potential of satisfying.Private Invitee’s at Forty 4 (Sehar and Danish) shared that ‘Forty 4 is one of its own kind and we are specially looking forward to the unique blend of Pan Oriental fusion cuisine, We shall soon be hitting Forty 4 with our friends’.
We wish Forty 4 all the very best for future and hope they will add fresh

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