For The Love Of Sweets - The Riding Hood Bakery | Valentines Deal 2013 Karachi

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If there is magic in little things that you do and if “less is more” please explain why people ask for one more scoop of ice cream, extra cream and sugar in their coffee and one more dollop of whipped cream with that delicious chocolate cake.
This is because life will always give you one or more reasons to run to your nearest bakery or café to grab some comfort food or to celebrate an occasion with a beautifully baked cake for which your taste buds and tummy will thank in unison.
Such is the magic that is prepared inside the kitchens at The Riding Hood Bakery; and this Valentines well they don’t just take the cake but the entire bakery. If you’ve been to their bakery you must have tried their most loved cakes which is the Ferrero Rocher; well for this valentine it’s dressed up a little in a heart shape and is known as “The Muah Ferrero”. This divine cake can be booked for takeaway or delivery in 1.5 LBS for Rs 2000 and the 2.5 LBS is for Rs. 3000.
The other eye-catching treat is the “Creamium White with Red Chocolate Hearts” which is a chocolate fudge sponge frosted with vanilla icing and to top it off sprinkled with cute little red hearts. This combination of chocolate fudge and vanilla icing will make you come for seconds, thirds..maybe more. It’s worth all the space you can make in your tummy. Creamium white which could be understood as baked joy and can be booked for takeaway or delivery in 2.5 LBS for Rs. 1750.
Other treats at The Riding Hood Bakery are servings of strawberries dipped in chocolate on Valentine Day and also cupcakes for which only going there, trying them for yourself is where the actual joy lies, might even spark some chemistry between you and your object of affection.. who knows ;)
Visit The Riding Hood Bakery this Valentines to have delicious treats and unforgettable memories and for booking of cakes please contact on: 0301-8221933 and 0300-2197053.

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