Exclusive Interview Of Nilofer Saeed

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Exclusive Interview Of Nilofer Saeed

Caked Alaska. Moist chocolate brownie, generously layered with thick chocolate sauce, served with two delicious scoops of soft snow white vanilla icecream , was the talk of the town 18 years back. ​
It was not just theviscosity of Caked Alaska or the crunchiness of those big fat French fries nor those unusual Burgers names that held Karachi still, it was the idea, a brilliant initiative that was taken by Nilofer Saeed , CEO of HOBNOB CAFÉ (formerly known as Copper Kettle) and Neco’s Natural Store café who believed that Karachi desperately needed a breath of fresh air. She understood that in those days good food meant expensive food, hanging out with friends meant driving around in the car, and unfortunately going to the same restaurant where your grandparents once celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary as it was the only option available.She understood that how the city was craving flavorsome food without getting their pockets burnt. CKwas a restaurant where you can bring your girlfriend to meet your mother for the first time, a place where all sort of celebrations were just an excuse for people to bond over delicious food. It was a restaurant where food brought families together, where desserts brought friends together and where coffee and tea brought business associates together.

After all the glory Copper Kettle posed, one would question... What made Copper kettle lost its grandeur? The burgers were still juicy; the fries were still crunchy, the staff was still very warm and welcoming. What made Copper Kettle shut down after 18 years?Nilofer Saeeda pioneerand defiantly a trend-setting restaurateur states it has been a mushroom growth of food places in Karachi. There are so many cafes and restaurants that have opened up , people have now become more conscious, and very well exposed to food. They want freshness - from food to extensive menu to the décor, Nilofer states that’s exactly what their recent reincarnation, HOBNOB Café promises to entice its customers with healthiest options available in town, with a new fresh décor , brand new recipes , warm ambience , all set to create waves once again in Karachi.
Hobnob café is decently dressed up by lots of cozy looking wooden tables, wooden chairs and freshly polished tiled floors. First impression would be a simple, humble place where you can literally sit for a “hob nob” session with your buddies. The soft illumination and just enough of a crowd and the timeline mural makes HOBNOB a smooth, simple place for any customer who wants to relax and unwind himself from a tiring day. What makes Nilofer’s extremely happy is not when a visitor walks in the restaurant and order food, she finds her peace when she sees them enjoying the food and having a good time. She states that the very famous “Caked Alaska” is Hobnob’s signature dish; whereas their club sandwich is one of their gems. As we got to peep into their new menu we were more than happy to see some fresh and delightful additions.
Hobnob’s all day breakfastlooks very promising with fluffy omelets, juicy sausages , baked beans , feather soft cheese , warm muffins and fresh croissants ! The Café strives completely on the local produce to prepare all their food. Very Patriotic by nature, Nilofer believes that God has been very kind to Pakistan, and has given it abundant spices, fruits and vegetables.“We don’t need to import anything” – we get everything from here”!

Globe trotter and a chocoholic by nature , Nilofer wants to spread Goodness , hence she wants to carry her gems , HOBNOB CAFÉ,NECOS and HOBNOB Bakeries abroard and turn them into the most talked franchises on international level . We wish her all the best in her upcoming plans and look forward to celebrate the café culture Nilofer Saeed has bought to the hustling bustling metropolitan city i.e. Karachi all over again.

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