English Tea House Review by J Sheikh

Posted by J Sheikh on

When deciding where to go for a meal, my friends and I often face what I call the goldilocks problem of extremes. This when restaurants are vetoed on the basis of being “too” something or the other.Too hot, too crowded , too far, too dingy, too sketchy, too noisy, too smoky, too thick, too creamy, too spicy, too bland, too burnt, too rare, too oily, too sweet, too messy, too expensive and of course too average. The English Tea House, however, was surprisingly just right. The atmosphere pleasant, the food was delicious, and the pricing was average. Just right.
As thename suggests the place isn’t a restaurant but a tea house and just the right size for one. This means that unless you’ve booked the whole place,there isn’t enough space for you to invite your extended family and their aunt. It’s small and cozy, with a patio for pleasant weather and a skylight solarium (I don’t know u chose the word) that lets in sunlight during the day and moon light at night. I would suggest that you get there for an early meal so you can sit in the solarium with a few close friends, because post meal time herds of people migrate from yum and over crowd the place.
The two of us shared a medium Caesar Salad as a starter. Barring the fact that it could’ve used just a few more chicken chunks, its proportions were just right. The dressing wasn’t too creamy, nor watery, it was evenly and moderately spread over the salad and the lettuce was fresh, thinly sliced and crunchy. I could personally see myself going there to have a large Caesar Salad (with extra chicken) as an entrée.
I’ve had two sandwiches at the English Tea House, and standard club sandwich and the creative roast beef and wasabi sandwich. In my opinion club sandwiches can never blow your mind, because they are so safe. That’s what the club sandwich was like here, safe. Bread nicely toasted not too much mayo, egg, turkey bacon, chicken, lettuce tomatoes. Give it a shot. The roast beef and wasabi sandwich, on the other hand, was fantastic! The beef was tender and well marinated, the wasabi sauce was subtle and the sandwich had just enough jalapenos. Highly recommended!
There isn’t much variety in the food at the ETH so we decided to have pizza. I am not exaggerating when I say that the pizza tastes identical to the Cosa Nostra pizzas. I’ve tried smoked salmon pizza and the vegetarian pizza. Identical. There really isn’t much else to say, if you like those pizzas you’ll like these one.
All in all, the place was just right! I look forward to trying out its breakfast and high tea.

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