Eid Just Got More Colorful - Tutti Frutti Now Serving in Clifton

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Tutti Frutti, a name that needs no introduction within the sweet tooth community of Karachi, has won the hearts of many with its appetizing flavors and dozens of topping. With 100% sugar free with zero fat, Tutti Frutti does not hesitate claiming to be the best frozen yogurt outlet in town. They have also been the first to come up with the concept of self-serve and a rupee per gram price tag. A trend hopped on by other Froyo serving outlets after taking the heat from the success story of Tutti Frutti.
Afterhitting a home run with their very first outlet, which was in sight by the end of February 2012 at Zamzama, the renowned all healthy frozen yogurt outlet Tutti Frutti has just expanded to open another outlet at Clifton, adjacent South City Hospital.
Aninauguration ceremony that was restricted to a list of invitees only, the event was seemingly bustling with a crowd from the start to finish, with folks hanging about till the last hour around the premises. Team FCPK was pretty much delighted to be a part of this event. The event took off by simply opening its doors to the invitees, urging them to have free servings of their product. Since most were already aware of the creamy delight, everyone seemed to have a jolly good time getting their scoops, with chunks of toppings, to their hearts content. Initially four machines are present serving eight appetizing flavors that include Tart, Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla and others.
With their first outlet at zamzama housing an indoor air conditioned sitting area, the second outlet is just the opposite with seating area set at the outside only. Although not as roomy as the 1st outlet, but that was replaced with proper sitting arrangements outside gives this outlet a very warm feeling, where one can enjoy having fresh yogurt while enjoying a fresh breeze.

Team FCPAKISTAN with Mr. Usman Ashraf (Right)
Mr. Usman Ashraf (Master franchisee) alongside partner Mr. Salman Niazi (Franchise owner) took out valuable time to share the future goals set for Tutti Frutti. To our delight, Tutti Frutti is looking ahead to open three additional outlets by the end of August 2012; at Hyderi, Mohammad Ali Society and Bahadurabad. That’s not all, if everything goes as planned we should be looking at two more branches of Tutti Frutti by the end of this year. Mr. Ashraf also shared that they are planning to bring in new flavors with more seasonal toppings. All the artworks in all the branches are also about to get changed and a website to be launched as well, he added further.
We were delighted to catch some familiar faces at the event, who claimed to be ardent fans of Tutti Frutti so we took the liberty of getting some feedback from some of them and this is what they had to share.
Mr. Hasan (Owner of Ginsoy Restaurant) “I love frozen yogurt. Besides all the froyo outlets out there, Tutti Frutti comes up with the best flavors, but the real beauty of Tutti Frutti is the concept of self-serve and the reasonable price.”
Salman Niazi and Celeb Anoushey with Friends.
Celebrity Anoushey Ashraf had this to say, “I admire the kind of unique flavors Tutti Frutti offers amongst which coconut and banana are my favorites that tastes awesome.”
Besides having other famous frozen yogurt outlets out there like Snog and Berrylicious that have also made a huge impact on the market, Tutti Frutti moves with the same trend set strategy of expanding their outlets and keep introducing more and more delicious flavors and we wish them best of luck for the future!​

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