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Islamabad, it’s the capital city of Pakistan to the world but a whole new thing to its citizens. It’s a tranquil, calm and picturesque place where orderliness is the name of the game. But come Ramadan and it becomes a hodge podge of hustle and bustle!
The denizens of Islamabad (lovingly known as Islooites) are preparing for Ramadan, a month that brings with itself a uniqueness to the previously done-and-dry daily routine.
What is Ramadan?
Ramadan is a month that is of holy significance to Muslims. It was the month when, according to historical accounts, the prophet Ibrahim was asked to sacrifice his dear son Ismail. It was a test of faith, one that Ibrahim passed. To this day, Muslims from all around the world celebrate this day as a means to reaffirm their fealty to Allah and to reinforce their bonds of sacrificing material desires, purifying their souls in the process.
People do this by fasting from dawn to dusk, a process that is more than just a religious obligation. Its an undertaking that makes one feel the daily struggles of the unfortunate ones so that they realize that Allah’s blessings are for everyone.
For 30 days Muslims fast and they successfully commemorate this occasion with Eid-ul-Fitr a holiday that calls for a feast.
Salient features of Ramadan in Islamabad
The first thing people acquaint themselves with the advent of Ramadan is the sehri and iftar timings. Sehri timings represent a period during dawn when people who want to fast partake in a little meal. Most nutritionists recommend eating lightly but smartly during this period, as it’s not about the volume of the serving but rather the right mix of minerals and energy. Eating heavy can leave you far more drowsy and unfocussed during the rest of the day and chances are that the iftar time won’t be a rather enjoyable as usual.
Iftar time in Islamabad, it occurs in the evening when the sun sets. It is announced by the Maghrib prayer and Muslims break their fast during this period. Most commonly you will find the dining table featured with staple Ramadan food items such as samosas, pakoras, dahi baray, shami kabab and pitchers of sherbet to quench that stuff. But let’s not forget the ever-delectable date, the food of choice to break your fast.
During this month of Ramadan, you will see the streets with plenty of food vendors, conscientious citizenry and a philanthropic brain trust working in overdrive so that the poor and the unfortunate can partake in the blessings of the month. And before we forget, this is the month to live in the shoes of the common labourer class after all.
It is a month that teaches us compassion, that reminds us that we are all a part of a collectibe humanity. It is a period when God reminds us that theres hope in the world.
We have provided a helpful and handy Ramdan schedule calendar, which lists all the Ramadan timings. You can find prayer timings, sehri timings and iftar timings in one convenient place.
Day Ramadan Date Sehr Iftar
Saturday 1 28-06-2014 3:11 7:22
Sunday 2 29-06-2014 3:12 7:21
Monday 3 30-06-2014 3:13 7:20
Tuesday 4 1-7-2014 3:14 7:19
Wednesday 5 2-7-2014 3:15 7:18
Thursday 6 3-7-2014 3:16 7:17
Friday 7 4-7-2014 3:17 7:16
Saturday 8 5-7-2014 3:18 7:15
Sunday 9 6-7-2014 3:19 7:14
Monday 10 7-7-2014 3:20 7:13
Tuesday 11 8-7-2014 3:21 7:12
Wednesday 12 9-7-2014 3:22 7:11
Thursday 13 10-7-2014 3:23 7:10
Friday 14 11-7-2014 3:24 7:09
Saturday 15 12-7-2014 3:25 7:8
Sunday 16 13-7-2014 3:26 7:07
Monday 17 14-7-2014 3:27 7:06
Tuesday 18 15-7-2014 3:28 7:05
Wednesday 19 16-7-2014 3:29 7:04
Thursday 20 17-7-2014 3:30 7:03
Friday 21 18-7-2014 3:31 7:02
Saturday 22 19-7-2014 3:32 7:01
Sunday 23 20-7-2014 3:33 7:00
Monday 24 21-7-2014 3:34 6:59
Tuesday 25 22-7-2014 3:35 6:58
Wednesday 26 23-7-2014 3:36 6:57
Thursday 27 24-7-2014 3:37 6:56
Friday 28 25-7-2014 3:38 6:55
Saturday 29 26-7-2014 3:39 6:54
Sunday 30 27-7-2014 3:40 6:53

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