Eat a Boo - First Kid's Restaurant | Karachi | 2013

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An unseen and un heard reality has just hit the map of Pakistan, Karachi. A restaurant by the name of Eat-a-Boo​ located at 6th Zamzama Commercial Lane is not just an ordinary and a typical restaurant, in fact. It is the only one of a kind eating house specially designed and executed for the sweet angels we know as children.
Usually restaurants are a place where anyone can simply go, order food and have a pleasing time. But in this whole process the opinions of the child is very less examined. Keeping the focus and primary concern with that in mind by giving much preference to the Childs needs, famous Pakistani actor Faisal Qureshi (ufone commercials fame) took the initiative and gumption to come up with an environment where children can not just gobble healthy and hygienic food, but along side can also be involved in certain activities that are being offered at this dreamland.
Eat-a-Boo restaurant is based on a single floor having a mezzanine and a ground floor meant for the children up to 1-7 years of age. The entire ambience is just a splash of abstract colors and themes to which children get attracted very easily and comfortably. The tables and chairs are painted with different colors and designs, walls are also decorated with contrasted colorants with toy models hanging on top and a set of small sized TVs’ present too. The vibe of the restaurant encourages the child to search a spark of excitement in their inner self’s and let it out by engaging in various educational activities.
With safety and hygiene being the utmost quality, Eat-a-Boo offers educational games like puzzles, Lego, electric drawing board, consul games, Ipad games, and for more, a 3D viewing experience where the children can watch their favorite cartoons and movies. The attendants are also entailed in helping out the young hearts with their learning skills.
Mr. Rashid Ahmed (COO of Eat-a-Boo restaurant) has been a part of this wondrous achievement since the past 7 months and has perceived excellent response from the parents and the children as well.However, besides the playful atmosphere, it was time to place an order of some frequently desired items from the menu that are mostly ordered by the children here.
First came the hot French fries (priced at Rs. 150). The quantity was simply enough for a little angels appetite. Fries were long and extra soft, easily chewable even after kept for a while. Then was the turn of the Nuggets (priced at Rs. 280). The star shaped and eye catching decoration of the nuggets was also quite commendable. The Chicken Sandwiches (priced at Rs. 280) was also presented with different shapes and sizes. It was a perfect combination of cheese and boneless chicken pieces which were embellished with happy, smiling faces. And from the main course, Eat-a-Boo special fish (priced at Rs. 375) also arrived piping hot. The fish was placed very properly side kicked with hot fries as well. It was very well cooked and maintained proving it to be a real blast for the children and for the adults too.
Another new concept being offered at Eat-a-Boo, rather a motivating one, is a small deal that if the children finish all their food they will receive an Eat-a-Boo special currency against which they can freely select a gift of their choice and of their kind. A proper set up of a toy section is also placed inside this dream land for children. Eat-a-Boo restaurant can also be booked for special occasions or to celebrate birthdays.
Truly a memorable visit and an experience like no other where even an adult craves to become a child again just to re-live another day and what better way than to spend it at Eat-a-Boo. We wish Eat-a-Boo all the best for their future endaveours.

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