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Dominos was one of the first international food chains to operate in Pakistan. The world-renowned pizza chain came to Pakistan in 2004 and now has around 8 dine-in, takeaway and delivery outlets in the 3 major cities i.e.: Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. It is owned by the Hilal Group. Dominos Blue Area Islamabad is one of the 8 outlets.
Although numerous local vendors have tried to imitate the original Dominos concept. Dominos Pakistan gives tough completion to all and is still one of the best Pizza’s restaurants in Pakistan.
Dominos has been quite innovative in Pakistan; to its credit it has introduced mouthwatering local flavors such as Pepperoni Feast, Extravaganzza Feast, Hot and Spicy Feast, Italiano Feast, Hawaiian Feast, Deluxe Feast, Melt Down, Tex - Mex Feast, Chicken Tandoori, Hot and Spicy Chicken,Chicken Golden Delight, etc.
Dominos outlets retain the family-style enjoyment concept and offer a casual dining environment. The range is complimented with other mouth-watering menu items including a wide range of Cheesy Bread, Cinna Stix, Bread Sticks, Crunchy Chocolate Calzon, Chicken Wings Desserts and Beverages. Off late the 24 hour delivery of salads and pizzas has taken over the traditional dine-in format. All in all the huge range of Pizza’s with different styles affordable prices and local popularity make it a hot spot for company lunches and birthday dinners.
Dominos Pizza in Karachi
Dominos Pizza in Lahore
Dominos Pizza Islamabad

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