De Party Lounge - Cafe Zero Degree Now Launched at Saher

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Recently in Karachi, a well- reputed and hip café by the name of “CAFÉ Zero Degree” surprised its ardent customers by opening another branch on Khayaban-e-Saher. The launch ceremony of this second outlet was held on 18th July 2012.
Café Zero Degree, a café that does not require an introduction, has been accepted with enthusiasm by the people of Karachi, specially the youth sector, since the time it opened its door to its customers.
Surprised with the simplicity of the launch event (due to the accustomed red carpet events seem to be held by the restaurant owners) Café Zero Degree kept everything smooth and did not go through the hassle of organizing the trending Red Carpet event. It was strictly invites only and team FCPK was honored to be amongst the exclusive list of invitees! Other attendees primarily consisted of youngsters, families and some elite corporate personnel’s.
The theme of the whole café wasentirely based on music; with portraits of famous singers hanged in an aesthetically pleasing way throughout the café. Projectors, L.C.D’s, colorful walls with neon lighting effects and hard rock party songs played at the back made an absolute combination of a clubby ambiance along with comfortable sofas which were kept everywhere inside the café. The overall ambiance was not less than a mood enhancer and with servings like cold drinks, red bull, complimentary sheesha, pina colada, blue colada, sandwiches, burgers, fries and a dessert called “zero degree brownie”, which seems like a good enough proof that this branch is ready to make a statement like no other.
It is a one of a kind café hosting a decent dance floor in the basement, a café lounge on the ground with 1st floor that serves quality Italian, Desi and Mexican cuisines. Checking out the Menu card leads one to safely assume that a customer can have a good meal at an affordable price tag ranging between Rs.700 – Rs.1000 per person.
As stated by the owner Mr.Sunil himself, “Café Zero Degree presents the best food, best ambiance, best service, best screening and the best music; if someone is looking for a great experience one can find only it here”. Pretty ambitious one at that we would say but considering the success rate of their previous outlet leads one to think of it more of a reality than smoke.
Although claiming to serve the most expensive sheesha in terms of price, Mr.Sunil expects the same appreciation received from the previous branch and foresees this new branch achieving better results is lesser time as the target audience is not just the youth, but also families and the elite class.
We wish Café Zero Degree Da Party Lounge all the best for their future endeavors!

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