Crepe Factory Review by Farah S Kamal

Posted by Farah S Kamal on

There is this French tradition "La Chandeleur”, celebrated on 2nd February where all French families make crepes and eat together to honour baby Jesus, and also marking the end of long dark winter nights and return of lights. To enjoy this jour des crêpes I have spend a few hours at the Crepe Factory shooting an array of sweet and savoury delicately prepared Crepes, and of course tasting as many as I could.
The OriginalCrepe Factory​ located off Khayabane Shamsheer-DHA, Karachi, have been in operation for quiet a few years in Karachi and offers a great French crepe experience. Their menu offers a truly extensive, colorful and delicate crepes freshly made by the expert chef. It was interesting to see one of them making very thin papery crepes spreading a batter on special huge iron skillet. The crepes resembles the wrinkled, fragile looking fabric, which we know as crêpe—thus the name crepes. These thin rounded shaped are then filled with different kind of fillings and toppings and folded into a variety of shapes in an artistically presented plate of perfect French Crepes.
The original Crepe Factory has in store an exhaustive variety of Crepes, you name it and they have it. The savoury ones can be great as snacks or a meal in itself. These are filled with chunky, meat that includes chicken, sausages and turkey, deliciously marinated in sauces and herbs and garnishes like olives, mushrooms and vegetables. I fell instantly love with Crepe Florentine, fluffy crepe wrapped around a lip smacking filling of sauteed fresh spinach, mushroom mixed with a cheese sauce. Tasted just perfect and not too cheesy. For those veggie lovers there are a range of filling available made with choices of vegetable that are fresh, crispy, in light herb and cheese. The Veggie Crepe that I tasted had a fascinating country style filling of mushroom, olives, tomatoes, spring onions, bell peppers with full flavoured and nutty cheddar cheese. My two cents is to keep the amount of salt low in the savoury fillings, some of then were way too salty due to pickled olives.
The sweet crepes were completely an epicurean delight to have as a desert. Most of the crepes are filled with fresh, and some canned fruits, chocolates, nuts, topped with syrups, whipped creams and sparkling icing sugar. It is hard not to drool over the Strawberry Crepe, filled with fresh sliced strawberries, cream and strawberry sauce. Fruitella was another delightful assortment of sliced fresh mixed fruits with nutella and cream. Choconana is a sensuously tempting crepe, filled with sliced bananas, vanilla icecream, and walnuts over maple syrup base topped with chocolate swirls. These crepes can be truly addictive and it is hard keep hands away.
So let us light our liveswith Fête de la Lumière-and enjoy a crepe or two at the Crepe Factory this week.

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