Coocos Den - Iftar with Majestic View of Badshahi Mosque

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I have yet to meet a person, still, who has entered the territories of Lahore and not marked one particular stop as a must visit when it comes to food plus experience. And that particular stop is none other than Cooco’s Den. If you have never had the opportunity to visit Cooco’s Den yet, then you have certainly heard the name at least once in your lifetime! Such is the reputation and it keeps living up to it too, in all good sense!
Cooco’s Den started in the year 1996. The owner, Mr. Iqbal Hussain, is hailed as one of the finest and controversial painters of Lahore and so the restaurant also exudes the same personality in its décor; with walls adorned with some of his controversial work which includes portraits of sex workers from the infamous Heera Mandi. As the legend goes that his own mother belonged to the same community hence Mr. Iqbal is famous for constructing visions that enables us to see the other side of the story of these exploited individuals other than the tabooed stamp they hold in society. These paintings are also part of the experience that looms over as soon as you set foot inside the doors of Cooco’s Den.
Built inside an old house that is 3 stories high weaves around an architecture that seems antic from the inside outside and turns downright magical in the night with its colorful lights adorned over the front face of the building. Another magical feeling is when you get seated. With the break-taking view of Badshahi Mosque to accompany you as you gorge down their food.
​They serve a variety of Pakistani Cuisines but the most recommended item on their menu is Tavva Chicken, which has a unique flavor and outstands all the other items on the menu. Great food plus extraordinary ambiance is why it is talked of as a must visit eatery place. Featured twice on the Times Magazines to date and being announced as the best restaurant in Asian region on National Geographic, Cooco’s Den has attracted not only local but also bagged visits from visiting personalities from oversea.
In the month ofRamadan, Cooco’s Den is serving special deals for Iftar and Sehri. They also have a special platter for just Rs. 500/-. So if you still haven’t had the opportunity to dine in Cooco’s Den, be sure not to miss out this Ramadan.​

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