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Nestled in the coziness of Old Clifton, away fromdramatic hammering of Karachi city lies Café 76.The cafe offers a delightful European menu, accompanied by warm attractive service, and an incomparable ambiance of blossoming green garden, humming birds and light breeze. Perfect for quiet and laid back meals with family and friends. Most of the time , the hot scorching Karachi sun may not allow you to be seated outdoor, but that may not halt your plan to embrace the freshness of the lush garden , you can always get yourself seated in "Garden dining room", and enjoy the view which overlooks the garden while sipping freshly brewed coffee or chilled tingling summer coolers.Though we loved the garden but we do feel what lacked in the garden was maybe a fountain. We would definitely love to see maybe one of those European white classy fountains, sparkling and beautiful, along with those lovely table umbrellas with fine vintage white lattice back chairs, something identical to what we see on their menu card design. These additions may further help them to portray classical beauty of a European environment.If you are in a perky mode and want to experience more peppiness, step down in the basement to be seated in the “Bar room”. A mocktail bar , quirky setup , embellished with classic European-inspired lightsand a very warm manager–Robin . Who will not just make a perfect drink for you, but with his skill he will specially design it for you. If you fancy some privacy , Café 76 also have the "Atrium room", a small intimateprivate dining room, with a sheer glass rooftop, atrickling fountain and lots of eye pleasing green plants for a subtle and private meal. Imagine “The atrium room” on a rainy day !

However, no matter how attractive a restaurant may look, if it does not fulfill your appetite, nothings seems right.Café 76 doesn’t just dress good but they taste phenomenal too. The Chef’s Special Salad , The Pink Peper chicken and the double stack steak was what we couldn’t get over for hours. Fresh from the garden, the salad was heavenly crunchy. The turkey strips , four different kinds of crispy lettuce , grilled mushrooms and boiled eggs was definitely a meal on its own !Once we polished off the salad, our attention was diverted towards 'the heart throbbing presentation of double stack steak, makes you wonder if you really want to poke that sharp fork in such a fancy looking dish.Excellent portion with meat very well cooked, stacked between soft potato muddle with lots of luscious sauces, flavors you fight to identify.' Caramelized onion on the other side may taste bitter to you depending on how adventurous your taste buds are. The Pink Peper chicken was as pinkalicious as its name sounds. No it was not rare; it was a well–cooked fowl with feta cheese and spinach. The sharp taste and color that Pink pepper chicken got was maybe from “pink pepper” which has a very intense taste. Again recommended to people who like to experimental with concentrated flavors. What we would definitely recommend to anyone from any taste palate is Café 76‘s mint lemonade. The drink was chilled with a very striking taste, light and refreshing.

After all the food and drinks we devoured , we can comfortably say that'Café 76 is serving some of the most flavorsome boutique food in Karachi' .Café 76 is definitely worth a visit , itposes a knack in combining a beautiful location with quality food and of course exceptional value for food .Do visit them if you want to eat flavorsome food with some equally flavorsome European style ambience. We genuinely hope they maintain the flavor’s constituency and make any hungry chap smile broadly.
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