Butlers Chocolate Cafe Review by Sadaf Farooqui

Posted by Sadaf Farooqi on

Ireland's Butler's Chocolate Cafe​ opened its doors on Zamzama .Ever Since its opening it has been doing good business. It offers chocolate truffles (little round chocolates, shown below), besides the usual edible cafe fare, to its customers who dine in. A complimentary chocolate truffle is therefore served here with almost anything you order. The decor and ambience then seemed more like an a la carte restaurant than a cozy, comfortable cafe. However, now when you visit on a quiet day (such as a weeknight), you can enjoy a calm meal, coffee or dessert.
Cheese and Mushroom Omelets – Rs. 340 was really yummy! It was accompanied by a crumbed, fried potato cutlet, red beans, butter, strawberry jam, and one quartered slice of bread (I think there should have been two slices). The melted cheese and mushrooms oozed out of the soft omelet!
Out of this world, and very filling too. A cute little pot of strawberry jam came with the breakfast. French toast with Maple Syrup – Rs. 295 was quite a disappointment. Couldn't they have thrown in 3 more similar slices for the price charged? The only good part was the high-quality maple syrup.
The apple pie was warm to the core, and with ice cream, the combination was superb!I have been going to it again recently to have coffee/hot chocolate, and I must say that the cafe has sustained its quality and a regular clientele ever since the initial hoopla died down. Sometimes, you might be disappointed when you are informed that an item on the menu is not available or short (as it happened once when we ordered a Chocolate Croissant).I think the cafe is an abova-the-ordinary outlet, especially if you love chocolates and would like truffles with whatever you order.

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