Breakfast at McDonalds | Breakfast Menu | Sialkot

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Breakfast at McDonalds | Breakfast Menu | Sialkot

There are 2 type of breakfast people in the world, there is “The-Grab-something-for-breakfast-on-the-way-type” and then there is “The-sit-down-and-eat-breakfast-peacefully-type” These two type of people have one thing in common they cannot start their day without breakfast! So McDonalds is launching breakfast all over Pakistan and plans to cater to all breakfast-enthusiasts’ needs, especially on days when home-maids/cooks have disappointed you or when you’ve had a bad tiff with Ammi.
Since the past couple of years there has been quite an influx ofbreakfast places inPakistan signaling a rising trend in going out forbreakfast. Numerousbreakfast places have generously opened there doors at 7am in the morning because they sense a potential market on a daily basis. Since McDonalds possesses a strongbrand identity, it might hold its ground pretty well with itsbreakfastmenu inPakistan.
Globally McDonalds has a range ofbreakfast items on their menu which theycustomize according to the country they launch it in. InUSA the menu serves theEgg McMuffin by itself or with asausage biscuit with other alternatives with cheese. But inCanada there is more variety inBagelalong with theEgg McMuffin on its menu. They can serve mouthwatering“BLT Bagels” and the spin-off on BLT called “Egg LT bagels” and other. Delicious “Breakfast Burritos” served with fluffy eggs, green peppers, onions andsausages are on theAmerican and Canadian menus.
On theIndian McDonaldsBreakfastmenu they have the vegetarianMcMuffin as an alternative for theEgg McMuffin. Since there are a lot ofIndians who arevegetarians there is avegetarian“Big Breakfast” which has a meaty alternative inUSA, Canada and Singapore. InUSA the menu even provides healthier alternatives such as “Fruit & Maple Oatmeal”, “Apple Cinnamon Walnut Oatmeal” for those health conscious denizens. InUK there is more trend in drinking coffee because of the cold damp weather hence there is more choice in coffee.
In UK McDonalds offers a choice of Espresso shots, Latte, Cappuccino, Black or White Coffee. Even when we’re done with all these choices McDonalds still has to offerscrumptious pancakes or as they call ithot cakes with beautifulMaple syrup.
After reading all of the above don’t you want to kick-start your day atMcDonalds? It is not easy to wait forMcDonalds to launch theirbreakfast menu because it certainly has us impatiently guessing what it has instore for us.

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