Bistro 76 - An eatery with personality that speaks ardently of Taste!

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A heady mix of express outlets has recently opened up at the Dolmen Mall, and Clifton’s food court has been buzzing ever since it’s opening. You will find tired, but happy shoppers indulging themselves in all the food festivities that have been offered to them. From chatpatey desi flavours to random nibblings to juicy steaks, DMC is proudly satisfying several hungry and tired shoppers.
Bistro 76, one of the express outlets in the food court is offering blissful food. An expansive of Café 76, Bistro 76 prides itself on being absolutely delicious. The mantra we believe is the freshness of every single ingredient used while preparing the dishes. It erupts this robust of flavors and conquers every single taste bud.
Loyal patrons flock here for some wholesome comfort food. Their menu is the most elaborate menu on the DMC or any other food court outlet in Pakistan, Infact some people call them a Restaurant in a Food Court, they have enough options available in the menu to keep everyone happy. Whether you are in a mood for a burger or for a quick sandwich or even pasta everything is gourmet, fresh and flavorsome.
The Chicken Stuffed Potatoes drenched in rich, creamy cheesy sauce and juicy and extremely moist Beef Jalapeño Burger and Parmesan Crusted Chicken in Focaccia Sandwich are highly recommended. Also keeping in mind that their specialised breads are baked fresh on site.
Alfredo Pasta generously tossed in butter, parmesan cheese and cream will make your taste buds sing for hours. It’s honestly tough to resist sweeping a finger through the last of the creamy cheesy sauce.
The drinks added more flavor to the food where as the desserts are totally sinful.
Bistro 76’s staff is friendly and generous. The ambience is comparatively cozy, tucked away from the regular hustle bustle of the food court and the prices are generally reasonable.
So whenever you visit DMC next time, do visit Bistro 76 for delicious and wholesome gourmet treat!

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