Biryani of the Seas (BOTS) Review by Tehniat Aftab

Posted by Tehniat Aftab on

After hearing a lot about Biryani of the Seas, me and my Dad decided to give it a try. Situated near PSO, Prince Complex in complex, it was a small hidden place. I doubted the food of the place when I saw where it was located but when we ordered, my first impression was proved wrong.
We ordered Finger Fish, Royale Fish Burger and Fish Biryani. The finger fish was an absolute delight. Spicy, moist, perfectly cooked and flavourful. The Royale Fish Burger was simply out of the world - something I'd choose over any other international chain selling fish burgers - the crust was crisp, the fish fillet itself was succulent and perfectly cooked. Served with fresh lettuce, onion rings, tomatoes, a slice of cheese, amalgamation of mayo and ketchup with mushrooms. Absolutely delicious. It was very fulfilling, reasonable and worth every penny I paid for it. Though I wished that the Biryani was a little tasty - even though I love spicy food but the spices in the Biryani were too over-powering and lacked the taste of fish in it (in the rice).
The menu, otherwise, was very extensive. Seafood in all forms, all cuisines - Chinese, Pakistani, Italian, Bar-B-Qued, Fried; from prawn biryani to prawn nihari, yes prawn nihari! Who would have ever thought about Prawn Nihari. All kinds of seafood - prawns, fish, crab, lobsters. The best thing about this eatery is that the seafood is fresh, very fresh. I did not come across any foul seafood smell while eating proving the freshness of the ingredients.
I would highly recommend this place for all the seafood lovers. The place gives you many options to choose from. We enjoyed the food so much, that we had it delivered to our house the very next day as well and I am always asking my sister to bring me parcels when she visits BOTS.
The food served is of very good quality. The ambiance is not that good, but the food is worth it. The servings are good and worth the money.
Went to BOTS again, today. Tried out Fish Bun Kebab, Prawn Dosa and Prawn Hot and Sour Soup. The Prawn Dosa was really YUMMY. The soup as well; it was filling and had a good quantity of prawns in it - also contained it's flavour. The fish bun-kebab lacked the taste of the fish though.

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