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Atrium Mall in Karachi was one of the first modernized theatres that have restarted the trend of going for movies. Karachites always hunger for new ways to go out and have fun after their mundane days. Going out to eat was one way now we have Cineplex and Atrium. Atrium is a fun place to not only for movies but is also becoming a classy hub for shopping and just spending time with family and friends.
Atrium Mall has brands like Swatch, Ego and other clothing, shoes and accessories. The most amazing part other than being Karachi’s first 3-D multiplex; is their massive food court. The amount of eateries at Atrium Mall and near is like a plan to trap you into eating something even if you don’t want to. There always is a KFC, McDonalds, OPTP at any good mall or shopping arcade and hence also at Atrium Mall. KBC and Arizona Grill are just outside if one wants to taste what they have to offer.
The seating arrangement inside the food court is open for anyone to sit anywhere. It is a great place to visit for a couple of friends just before a movie. Anyone who loves Italian food can head to Pizza & Pasta Co. or if; desserts are what your heart desires one can run along to Del Frio for their delicious red velvet cakes and various other desserts with a hot cup of coffee, even try their much acclaimed ice cream.
Chacha Jee and Chakharay at Atrium Mall are known to cater to all the desi food enthusiasts. There is something about having good pulao, chaat, paani puri, etc. because nothing else satiates hunger pangs like desi food.Other places to eat at Atrium Cinema are China Grill for assorted Chinese dishes or maybe head to Chia’z Spuds for healthy and fresh food. The awesome Cinnabon is located on the first floor of Atrium Mall and is known for its delicious cinnamon rolls. A great place to go to watch a movie grab a bite to eat and go for a fun day of shopping.

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