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Posted by Moiz Kazmi on

How do you like your burger? I like a light bun, not very rich, still soft and chewable. After all, who wants a bun which is rubbery and too thick to let you enjoy the patties? The patty for me has to be nourishing, pure meat, fat free, juicy and filling. Burgers have been a staple food for kids, teenagers and several other age groups internationally. People love burgers for lunch, dinner, and some do not even mind having burgers for breakfasts and late-night food cravings! This love for burger has engulfed Pakistan in the recent time, proving this several local and international burger outlets opening up.

The Burger Shack (TBS), a recent addition to the Karachi’s hoard of fast food eateries, specializing in burgers. Located in the Sehar commercial area, it is a small kiosk which offers takeaway. Burger Shacks aims to good quality burgers at affordable prices while maintaining the international standards. Burger Shack claims to process its meat on daily basis and also promises freshly baked buns every day.

TBS takes what you and I conceive to be an average burger and elevate it to a higher level by perfecting the core components of the burger without adorning it with multiple toppings and fancy ingredients. There is not too much going on which distracts away from what the burger should essentially be about – the meat, the bun and the sauce.

Here is a deconstructed analysis of The Burger Shack priced between, Rs. 230 to Rs. 280:
The Meat: 4-ounce patties made from a proprietary blend of fine meats. All patties, as mentioned above, are baked daily and never stored.
The Cheese (Optional): Very melty and mildly sticky, as I like it.
The Toppings: Green leaf lettuce, sliced tomatoes, thin-sliced onions, pickles/jalapenos (in some varieties).
The Sauces: Thousand Island-style sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise.
The Bun: Soft and fresh with no flakiness!

In conclusion, The Burger Shack is a marvel of meat engineering. The flavour and texture of the beef patty is second to none, while the chicken ones are with an intense softness and the cooking method is designed to maximize the browning, and thus our carnal pleasure, yet maintain the softness of the meat.

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