Acknowledge the Father-child bond with EatOye this Fathers Day

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For years, psychologists assumed that the mother-child bond was the most important one in a child’s life. However a child turned out, moms often got the tribute — or blame.
Scientists are gradually realizing just how much dads matter. Just like women, fathers' bodies respond to parenthood, and their parenting style affects their kids just as much, and sometimes more, than mom's!
Being a dad is a tough job. Daddy is responsible for at least one half of the financial and emotional well-being of the family.
Recognizing the fatherhood is equally important as acknowledging motherhood.
Father's Day is by nature a family event. You don't have to remain at home but go to a favorite spot of dad's!
EatOye suggests to book a table and get everyone in the family together for a fun day. Think about including all the dads in your family, not just your own father. Your celebration can include husbands, would-be future dads, your uncles, and brothers - If so, do it—the more the merrier!
Restaurants worth making a reservation in Lahore for daddy’s day out are, Burn Out Restaurant,Hujra, Haveli, Coocos Den, Grill House and Memories.
Giving dad a heartfelt speech of genuine, loving words at the dinner table will make this a touching occasion.
It’s all about showing your love, and reassuring your dad that you're proud of him and all he's done for you. The most rewarding part of being a father is feeling that your children love you.
Don't forget his hug and kiss!

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