A Sugary Bind

Posted by Sairah Khalid on

A Sugary Bind

​You may wonder why Eid-ul-Fitr or the Eid of Ramadhan is popularly known as 'Meethi Eid' in the Subcontinent? One immediate guess would be due to all the sweets that are eaten and exchanged during the seventy-two hours of merriment and celebration. Another more profound reasoning is that sugar as a chemical is known to act as a binding agent. This means that whenever you mix sugar with other substances/ingredients, t
Quite an eye-opener for some of you oblivious to such an ideology. In fact this is the sole reason why families conjugate and congregate in sharing their meals, experiences and of course sweets to form closer ties within the Muslim community as a whole. 'Sheer Qorma', an accepted traditional sweet dish has been the centre of focus in every household on Eid day and continues to be so. Made from milk/'Sheer' and 'Qorma'/royalties' dish blends vermicelli, nuts, dried dates and sugar to satisfy the sweet teeth at any time of the day or night.
Although Sheer Qorma is a dish no household goes without during the Eid celebrations, I have yet to come across any commercial enterprise selling it to their clientèle. This one is reserved only for the generations of women in a family unit who prepare and serve it to their families and friends.
Changing times have allowed various desserts to creep in as give-aways to our near and dear. Gourmet gateaux like 'Chocolate Xtravaganza' from Gelato Affair bring chocoholics back to ensure every family member gets their chocolate quota for the year.MavMade ensures cupcake lovers get their detailed tailor-made delights to their loved ones on time. Hotels too, have their bakeries churning out mouth-watering cakes by the hundreds - Sheraton, Marriott and Pearl Continental to name a few.
Sohny Sweets, Rehmat-e-Shireen, Dhaka Sweets, Frisco and Sunshine Bakeryare the pioneers and innovators for traditional sweetmeats/mithai. Whether your intended recipients are 'gulab jamun' or 'qalaqand' lovers, a visit to any of these outlets gets you a satisfied return each time. They also offer their speciality sweetmeats which are signature goodies on their own.
However, if you wish to dine in for satiating your sugary cravings, then head out to Hobnob Cafe for their signature 'Caked Alaska' - an excellent combination for chocolate cake and vanilla ice-cream disciples.
You can then literally hop across to Butlers Chocolate Cafe and enjoy a real hot chocolate with a complimentary candy on the side. At Lals Chocolates, you can always get fresh imported sweets to go.A trip down Burns Road will ensure you sit outside one of the several roadside cafes to gorge on 'Rubri', 'Kheer' and 'Firni' hosted by a line of established food connoisseurs. Baloch Icecream on Boating Basin has that to-die-for 'Falooda' any Karachite could imagine.
After four weeks of inner reflection, contemplative growth and innumerable acts of charity, Eid-ul-Fitr is an occasion where the Muslim believer is able to spend quality time; sharing moments with his/her loved ones. There is no better way to express his/her love for family members, extended relatives or friends than to celebrate with a sweet-sugary something.
It could be a box of chocolates, ice-cream cakes, spongy gateaux or desi 'mithai' that could be your favoured choice for this Eid-ul-Fitr. Just remember that every time you bite into one of these sweetened delicacies, you are also taking in a morsel of togetherness, happiness and love that is growing in every family member's hearts as well.​

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