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Most of us love eating out. Especially when you want to celebrate an occasion, you step out not just to experience tasty food, but a fancy ambience and an extra-ordinary service. But when we step out to eat on a regular day, most of us look forward to a tasty and economical meal.Food which makes you happy, quantity which makes you giggle and quality you can swear upon.
Tooso , a restaurant located in Bahadurabad is a perfect example of great food with exceptional value for money.For the past 37 years,the restaurant is offering a wide range of Pakistani and continental delicacies. Few years back it was successfully transformed into a fully air-conditioned restaurant where over 90-100 customers can dine in peacefully.But if you want to enjoy the evening breeze, you can be seated inan outdoor sitting area, or even in your respective cars.
Babar Nehal, (CEO) makes a conscious decision to reduce elements to their essence, maybe that’s why there are no exaggerated flavors in any of the dishes.The presentation does not carry any glamorous vegetable cravings or exclusive sidelines or over the top cutlery yet the food undoubtedly touches all your senses dramatically. Although good Pakistani food is much heavier on the spices and has complex flavors, Tooso uses everyday spices in their dishes, home made bread and sauces that successfully satisfy you with deep gastronomic bliss.
Recently we went to Tooso for lunch and got the pleasure to taste a couple of their gems , which included Chicken Club Sandwich , Chicken Chilli , Chicken Tikka, Chicken Roast Burger and Honey Wings. Tooso ‘s celebrity club sandwich was super fresh and the chicken spread was heavenly creamy, and most importantly , we have yet to come across the kind of quantity which we were served.The very famous Honey Wings had a tangy sweet flavor. The kind of flavor which makes you smile inside out, Simple yet finger licking and it’s thick sauce makes you forget your table manners and you find yourself licking the plates shamelessly.Roast Chicken Burger, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Chilli had honest big chunks of meat and heaps of juicy and peppery spice.Tooso serves the best balance of flavors with no artificial fanciness, no drama , plain delicious food , which would satisfy your hunger and no harm would be done to your pockets . And yes , the all timefamous faluda still holds that flawless magic to mend broken hearts . The kind of sweetness which remains within you for hours.
With a wide array of exciting deals, where customer actually save money and enjoy quality food , Tooso is defiantly a customer friendly restaurant , where the management makes a deliberate decision to provide the best quality and quantity to its people .Back in late 70’s Tooso gave Karachi a break to celebrate.Women could now skip cooking for a day and enjoy delicious meals which were also easy on their husband’s pockets . Till date,Tooso stands proud , proud of the fact , that almost every customer that walks out of Tooso is a satisfied one, and is willing to come back soon .​

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