EatOye! Cherishes Cheeky Joe’s

Posted by EatOye Editor

We at Cheeky Joe’s are proud to announce our collaboration with EatOye Pakistan in delivering our tempting products to your doorstep. We wish to work with them in the near future and with all our upcoming brands. Cheeky Joe’s is a hip Canadian chain; it’s the first of its kind global pop culture...

EatOye is acquired by foodpanda global

Posted by EatOye Editor

EatOye saw 682% growth in orders only in 2014 and became one of the fastest growing online food ordering companies globally, won the Pasha ICT Award for the best IT Company in Hospitality Industry in Pakistan and was recognized as the best IT companies in hospitality in Asia Pacific region. So what...

Lays ICC Promotional Video

Posted by EatOye Editor

Pakistanis love drama, not just on television but generally in real life also. We can make a big deal out of a single blinking eye because OH LORD If the left one blinks something bad is going to happen and similarly if one shoe lands on the other in a 45 degree angle, there’s a traveling plan comin...

What is your Flavor this Cricket World cup?

Posted by Natasha Rizvi

Cricket runs in the family for every Pakistani. Weather it’s about playing the game or watching it, there’s unmatchable passion involved in any activity regarding cricket. That explains why brands love the cricket matches; it’s what their audience loves! Everyone’s giving out something or the other...

EatOye 2014 - Year in Review

Posted by EatOye Editor

EatOye food review, we are all moving to 2015 so EatOye took the opportunity to review 2014 for food lovers and come up with some interesting food industry trends - enjoy the infographic ;)

Chicken Experts Launch Double Down in Karachi and Lahore

Posted by Natasha Rizvi

29th December, Karachi: With New Year approaching in a few weeks, KFC Pakistan has its eyes set on bringing people new eating experiences. To make this a possibility, the international chain of Chicken Experts launched a unique product in Pakistan: The KF...


Posted by Natasha Rizvi

KARACHI, DECEMBER 19, 2014 ­ EatOye Pakistan, Pakistan’s largest online food order service, launched a new nationwide Hyper Discount Campaign ‘One Crore Week’, with a blog squad in Karachi. The campaign centers on massive discounts at top of the line ...

Lays Pakistan to send winners of new 'What's your flavor' competition to see the ICC World Cup

Posted by EatOye Editor

In recent days Lays Wavy has hit the airwaves with a fun new TVC that captures the fun spirit of the brand. The TVC features all four flavors in the Wavy range including Salt & Pepper, Balsamic Vinegar & Onion, Sour Cream & Onion, and Barbeque, all of which are popular. The Lays FB page with near...

A fun New Lays Wavy TVC Hits The Airwaves!

Posted by EatOye Editor

A new TVC for Lays Wavy is being released nationwide, and proves that Lays Pakistan knows how to remind its fans to have some good natured fun and enjoy a light moment - a quality the brand is already associated with. With a playful take on the little ups and downs in life, the Lays Wavy TVC shows ...

Pakistani Food Ordering Dynamo - Celebrated Widely Across Asia Pacific Region

Posted by Natasha Rizvi

Jakarta, Indonesia, November 26th 30th 2014 — EatOye ( the leading Pakistani food ordering platform was declared not only the winning company in Pakistan but the celebrated brand in Asia Pacific region during the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2014. A rigorous ICT Awards competitio...

Goodbye indigestion, Hello Gastril!

Posted by EatOye Editor

Hungry? Fed up of over eating? Flatulence? Heartburn? Indigestion? Don’t worry just EatOye when Gastril is here!! “A full stomach makes a happy heart and A Gastrill Plus after meals makes a happy stomach.” Herbion Gastril Plus is there to help you get away with all the digestion issues. It says “Kh...

Dominos 44% Hyper Discount deal in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Rawalpindi

Posted by EatOye Editor

"Hey guys! Did you see the Hype of our very famous Hyper Discount?! Dominos’ exclusive discount for EatOye customers is a thunder strike for the food lovers nationwide. It includes deal like Single 11” hand tossed pizza with 2 Drinks 300ml for only PKR. 482 + tax OR 2 Pizzas 11” and...

EatOye at KFC Pakistan’s 7th deaf-operated outlet Launch

Posted by Natasha Rizvi

KFC Pakistan is not only about yummy and crispy food but also about true spirit! It has launched its 7th deaf-operated outlet in a busy part of FB Area, crewing more than 20 deaf staff members at the cash counter and kitchens. The CEO, Mr. Nigel Beldon addressed the media and briefed about the bene...

EatOye awarded as the Leading Company in Hospitality Industry – PASHA ICT Awards 2014

Posted by Natasha Rizvi

Karachi, Pakistan, November 15th 2014 — EatOye ( the leading Pakistani food ordering platform, was announced as the winner company in Pakistan for the year 2014 - PASHA ICT Awards, Hospitality and Tourism category. EatOye, honored as Paki...

Pizza Flavors in Pakistan

Posted by EatOye Editor

Are you looking for out-standing Pizza Flavors in Pakistan? Do you want to know about the most demanding pizza flavors in Pakistan? Right! Then you are at right place. Here you will find the most delicious and healthy pizzas that have quality of ingredients cooked with natural flavors. We are grat...

Check Out EatOye at Khalis Food Market Event and Win Big!

Posted by EatOye Editor

Are you planning to visit the famous Khalis Food Market in Lahore? Shopping for some great food brands to satiate your taste buds? Then you’re in luck! Lahore is the cultural capital of Pakistan and with good reason. And its food scene is bustling with gastronomical goodness that has plenty to o...

LAYS Launches Fun Re-Sealable Packs

Posted by EatOye Editor

Lays Pakistan - the champion of fun, innovative snacks in Pakistan, has done it again. In recent years, Pakistani consumers have had an increasing range of options to choose from when it comes to delicious potato chips, especially thanks to LAYS. The brand introduced a variety of popular flavors, an...

LAYS Chaat Street a Pakistani Hit

Posted by EatOye Editor

Pakistani audiences love their global brands, and also their local customs. In a Pakistani's mind, few flavors beat Pakistani flavors. So what's a brand to do? What LAYS Pakistan has done. The global brand has developed its Chaat Street range catering to Pakistani tastes. By popular demand, the Ch...

Find Gullu on EatOye and Win Food Delivery Vouchers this Bakra Eid!

Posted by EatOye Bakra Treasure Hunt 2014

EatOye brings their first annual bakra treasure hunt this BAKRA EID 2014. Just find and share the bakra on Facebook you get chance to win delivery vouchers in your city. Gulloo the bakra is notoriously wandering on the EatOye restaurant pages. When you share your post or status yo...

Get hyper with extra value that you'll love

Posted by Natasha Rizvi

Do you want to order in and enjoy the very best Chinese food in the comfort of your own home? Golden Dragon’s food is prepared in exactly the same way as the delicious food that is served in excellent restaurants globally, freshly cooked and always delicious.

Get Ready to be Hyper Again - this September 14th

Posted by Natasha Rizvi

It’s no harm to get hyper sometimes! On massive public demand, EatOye brings Karachi and Multan a Hyper discount of 50% on 14th street Pizza this 14th September. How many of us want to cherish with friends, family and loved ones?

Some mouth-watering and palatable delights await. Afte...

14 August 2014 EatOye for Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Posted by Samir Yawar

Ready to celebrate Pakistan’s 67th  Independence Day with friends, family and loved ones? Fancy going out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between? A lot of your favorite eateries across major Pakistani cities are joining in on the fun and rolling out s...

14th Street Pizza and 14th August Hyper Discount

Posted by Samir Yawar

A lot of your favorite eateries across major Pakistani cities are joining in on the fun and rolling out special Azadi discounts for you. Some mouth-watering and delectable delights await. After all, the love of food is in our blood! And Pakistan has some of the best rec...

Eid treat by EatOye for customers in Rawalpindi

Posted by Samir Yawar

Hey Rawalpindi residents. Looking for a bite to eat this Eid at your favorite restaurants? EatOye has you covered with these fabulously accessible restaurants. Make Eid Ul Fitr 2014 to remember by dining out in style with family, ...

Eid Deals 2014 for Islamabad EatOye customers

Posted by Samir Yawar

Attention Food Lovers in Islamabad. This Eid ul Fitr 2014, its time to celebrate our love of delectable restaurant meals & eateries in style.

But the question is, where to party with friends, family and loved ones? Where to par...

Sweet Deals for Lahore this Eid

Posted by Samir Yawar

Holla Lahorites. Ready to satiate your sweet cravings this Eid Ul Fitr 2014? Then wait no more! Here’s what EatOye has in store for you this Eid.

Wall’s Ice Cream

Avail Super Savings with EatOye  Eid Deals 2014 for Karachi

Greetings fellow Foodies! Ready to celebrate Eid ul Fitr 2014 in style after the month of Ramadan? You’ve got guests, friends and family coming over (or perhaps it’s the othe...

Karachi Eats and Deals this Ramadan

Posted by Samir Yawar

For some people, Ramadan means having a hearty helping of samosas, pakoras, shami kababs, sherbet and a dozen more food items that make up for a wholesome iftari. Be it the old-fashioned yet positively retro ‘dastarkhuwan’ or the dining table, for most fasting folks, home is where the iftar is. And...

Karachi Ramadan, Sehr and Iftar Schedule brought to you by EatOye

Posted by Samir Yawar

Ramadan is coming. And with the advent of this holy month, Muslims all around the world observe a fast for a specific time, no matter which class or creed they belong to. It’s a time that reinforces the bonds of unity, of compassion and of the innate human capacity to do good by the others. We see ...

Lahore Celebrates Ramadan with EatOye

Posted by Samir Yawar

The Holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner. It is a time when most of the worldwide Muslim community remembers the historic story of the prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail, a story that highlights the spirit of sacrifice and Allah the Almighty’s merciful ways. It is a month that inspires us...

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