Iftar and Sehri, Ramadan Deals in Islamabad for 2012

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Ramadan, a month of unlimited blessings for all Muslims, a month that teach us to exercise and strengthen our self-control on various aspects on our daily life apart from food. Nonetheless, flavorful food is an undeniable treat which comes to our mind when we think of Ramadan. Our bellies also taste some of the most flavorful food available in town.

Food is an entertainment unparalleled in Pakistan, which elevates further during the holy month. Restaurants tighten up their belts to offer the best deals around town to capitalize on increase amount of customers.

The connection of Ramadan with food is now justified by the various restaurants offering multiple deals. Even at Sehri, all eating out places are jammed packed with people enjoying exquisite food. We have come a long way from keeping our fast by drinking a glass of plain milk just before the Azan e Fajr to actually getting out of the house well before Fajr to meet up with friends or family for a hearty Sehri offered by various restaurant and eateries, offers and deals available by even the most humble vendor on a cart wheel.

Given the choices available, the difficulty comes on finding the deals of your liking because all restaurants offer different deals that may or may not appeal to you personally. It is amazing to see the amount of deals on offer; but the trouble comes in finding the right deal at the right time. Gone are the days when we decided to make those last minute decision on dining out for Iftar and cruise around for choices because chances are those places are either jam packed with no space available or not offering the deal you are interested in.

But now Food Connection Pakistan, Pakistan’s premiere restaurant guide has yet again solved the worries of people and this Ramadan will be offering 500 plus deals across Pakistan including cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad for Sehri and Iftari. So now any one can get a good idea what various deals all restaurants are about to offer. And along with that, food connection Pakistan also provides the facility of making online reservations for Sehri and iftar. Everyone believes in simplicity especially in Ramadan, and food connection Pakistan always makes things easy and simple for everyone. So now the Holy Month of Ramadan can be celebrated with peace and no worries of where to find the best deals and the best offers in town.

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